On 6 October 2013, the Public Education Department (PED) of NKF hosted the Dialysis Outreach Programme for Transplantation (ADOPT) at the NKF Berjaya Resource Centre for half a day. This programme was the brain child of the Medical Development Division, the Ministry of Health (MoH). It was also supported by the Malaysian Society of Nephrology and Novartis Sdn. Bhd., a pharmaceutical company.

Essentially, the programme is aimed at kidney dialysis patients and their immediate care-givers to:-
  • Take charge of their well being;

  • Learn more about managing chronic kidney disease and transplantation; and

  • Enable them to seek advice from medical experts and exchange experiences with fellow patients and caregivers.

Altogether about 80 individuals including medical staff, staff nurses, patients and care-givers attended the programme. As an incentive, medical staff and staff nurses attending the programme were awarded Certificates of Participation and four (4) Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points. 

Dr. Wan Hafiz from Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) was the facilitator for the event with the speakers and their subjects of presentation being:-

Dr. Nirmala Devi Baskaran, a Nephrologist from Hospital Kuala Lumpur: Kidney Transplant Programme in Malaysia; 

Dr. Ng Kok Peng a Transplant Nephrologist from UMMC: How Transplant Could Benefit You?; and 

Ms. Teong Lee Fang, a Dietician from Hospital Selayang: What You Need to Know About Nutrition & Diet?.


Subsequent to the presentations, two ladies, Madam Sabariah and Madam Divya Monokaran, together with their husbands shared their experiences on transplantation. Both ladies had donated their kidneys to their respective husbands. The first couple are in the care of Hospital Selayang, while the second are under UMMC. The programme ended with a small group discussion to enable participants to address their issues and concerns about transplantation.

To find out more about our activities at the Resource Centre, you can call us (Public Education Department) directly on 03-7954904803-79549048 or via email