1Donation for NKF Patient
07/12/2014Kidney Diseased (China Press)
07/12/2014National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (Guang Ming Daily)
07/12/2014National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (Sin Chew Daily)
2High number of kidney patients in Perlis and Kedah
07/12/2014Kidney problem caused by many factors (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)

06/12/2014Perlis , Kedah catat jumlah tertinggi pesakit buah pinggang (Kosmo)

06/12/2014High number of kidney patients in Perlis and Kedah (Nanyang Siang Pau)
3Toyota classics Concert
08/12/2014Out of the music box (The Edge)
27/11/2014Toyota classics celebrates silver jubilee (The Star)
21/11/2014Toyota year end treats (The Sun)
19/11/2014Giving hopes and life for 25 years (New Straits Times)
15/11/2014Orchestra touching lives far beyond stage (The Star)
15/11/2014Konsert Toyota Classics (Utusan Malaysia)
08/11/2014Classical touch towards a better community (Focus Malaysia)
08/11/2014Charity concert (The Star)
07/11/2014Changing lives with music (The Malaysian Reserve)
04/11/2014UMW Toyota anjur Toyota Classics 2014 (Utusan Malaysia)
03/11/2014Toyota Classics 2014 terus bantu pertubuhan memerlukan (Berita Harian)

06/10/2014Toyota classics concert presents music that moves lives (New Straits Times)
02/10/2014Musical to raise funds for kidney foundation (New Straits Times)
24/09/2014Toyota Classics (Guang Ming Daily)
18/09/2014Toyota classics rai ulang tahun ke 25 (Sinar Harian)
17/09/2014Reaching out through music (The Star)
17/09/2014Bantu melalui muzik (Utusan Malaysia)
15/09/2014Toyota raise fund for charity organizations (Nanyang Siang Pau)

13/09/2014Toyota Classics - Musical fundraiser (Focus Malaysia)
13/09/2014Annual Fundraiser (New Straits Times)
12/09/2014Toyota Classics 25th anniversary (The Sun)
11/09/2014Toyota Classics in November (The Star)
09/09/2014Youngest concert master to perform at Toyota Classics (The Malay Mail)
09/09/2014Toyota Classics 2014 to raise funds (The Malaysian Reserve)
02/12/2014Sahut cabaran pusing universiti (Harian Metro)
15/11/2014Hotels unite for a better world (The Star)
09/10/2014Bandar Rimbayu holds run in the name of charity (The Edge Financial Daily)
06/10/2014Donate 2 dialysis machines to dialysis center (Nanyang Siang Pau)
04/10/2014National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (China Press)
03/10/2014Singer fundraising over RM90,000 for NKF (Sin Chew Daily)
26/09/2014Larger than life fundraiser by NKF (The Malay Mail)

24/09/2014Mahsing funds charity night (Oriental Daily)
20/09/2014Tourism Beauties in Fundraiser (New Straits Times)
17/09/2014Love charity concert fund raising RM84,000 (China Press)
16/09/2014Raise fund RM84000 for charity (Nanyang Siang Pau)

15/09/2014Singer frundraising (Sin Chew Daily)
13/09/2014Friends run in pairs in charity run (The Star)
11/09/2014Rimbayu friendship charity run (Oriental Daily)
11/09/2014Friendship Charity Run (The Star)
11/09/2014Bandar Rimbayu anjur larian kebajikan (Utusan Malaysia)
09/09/2014Public to support charity concert (Cina Press)
09/09/201420 singer singing for collecting funds (Sin Chew Daily)
07/09/2014Mid autumn event on September 13 (China Press)
05/09/2014Bandar Rimbayu Friendship Charity Run 2014 (The Sun)
03/09/2014Frundraising for dialysis (Oriental Daily)
5Interview with Dato' Dr Zaki Morad
30/11/2014Nkf bina pusat dialisis di luar bandar (Utusan Malaysia)
09/11/2014Rawatan selain hemodialisis (Sinar Harian)
02/10/2014Another choice for kidney patient (Nanyang Siang Pau - Supplement)
28/09/2014Improve the quality of life in patients with kidney disease (Nanyang Siang Pau)
01/09/2014Peritoneal dialisis sebagai pilihan (Harian Metro)
6National Campaign
31/08/2014Keeping Kidneys Healthy (The Star)
 Health Screening
29/10/2014Free checking for peoples (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
01/09/2014Bas hemodialisis percuma (Harian Metro)
27/08/2014Health Screening by NKF Lifecheck Team (Nanyang Siang Pau)
7Miss Tourism Malaysia 2014 Charity Dinner
19/08/2014Turning on their charm at fundraiser (The Star)
8Mooncake Mania 2014
06/09/2014Donate mooncake (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
06/09/2014NKF selling mooncake (Nanyang Siang Pau)
18/08/2014NKF selling low sugar mooncake as for charity (Nanyang Siang Pau)
02/08/2014National Kidney Foundation promote mooncake gift for donation (Guang Ming Daily)
01/08/2014Mooncakes in aid of dialysis centres (NST)
9Patient Stories
30/12/2014Adjusting to life on dialysis (New Straits Times)

19/10/2014Sayangi ginjal anda (Harian Metro)
07/10/2014When you least expect it (The Malay Mail)
16/09/2014Dialysis made easier (New Straits Times)

28/07/2014When life couldn't get any worse (The Malay Mail)
30/06/2014Pesakit buah pinggang tabah harungi hidup (Harian Metro)
24/06/2014It can happen to anyone (The Malay Mail)
10ICSAS (Charity Golf Tournament)
19/07/2014Fundraiser a swinging success (The Star)
11Cathay Motor Group
04/07/2014Making a Milestone (The Star)
01/07/2014Donated RM500000 to 10 welfare organizations (Sin Chew Daily)
30/06/2014Serah cek RM50,000 (Harian Metro)
12Sunway Charity Dinner
23/06/2014National Kidney Foundation (The Edge)
13World Kidney Day Dance Marathon 2014
31/03/2014Dance Marathon, World Kidney Day 2014 (NTV7)
25/03/2014Dance marathon draws 500 (The Star)
25/03/2014National Kidney Foundation donated 15000 to kidney patients (Big Orange)
24/03/2014Marathon tarian jaga ginjal (Harian Metro)
17/03/2014National Kidney Foundation and Celebrity organize marathon (Guang Ming Daily)
17/03/2014Malaysia kidney patients increased (Nanyang Siang Pau)
17/03/201435,000 kidney disease patients in Malaysia (Oriental Daily)
17/03/2014Number of kidney disease cases rising at alarming rate (The Malay Mail)
17/03/2014Rise in kidney disease (The Sun)
14MOU Signing Ceremony Between NKF & MASSB
04/03/2014MASSB sumbang bekas sisa klinikal, berbahaya (Berita Harian)
28/02/2014Bantu pesakit ginjal (Harian Metro)
28/02/2014Waste disposal sponsorship for NKF (NST)
15Leo Club's Charity Concert
04/03/2014Leo Club's charity concert raises RM40,000 for NKF (The Star)
16Charity Night
25/02/201422 march held charity night at SJK(C) Choong Hua Banting (Sin Chew Daily)
17BERJAYA Founder's Day
23/02/2014It not the time to donate half of the property (China Press)
18/02/2014Kidney patients benefit from Vincent Tan help (The Sun)
18Fundraising Project with Petronita
17/02/2014Petronita sumbang mesin bantu pesakit buah pinggang (Kosmo)
17/02/2014National kidney foundation (The Edge Financial Daily)
15/02/2014National kidney foundation (Focus Malaysia)
15/02/2014Sharing the joy (NST)
14/02/2014Giving back to society (The Star)
19"GO For it! A Roller Coaster Public Relations Adventure
24/03/2014The guru goes for it (The Edge)
05/03/2014Going for the best (The Sun)
04/02/2014Big ideas on the GO (The Malay Mail)
01/02/2014Memoirs of a PR Mastermind (Focus Malaysia)
20NKF Dialysis Centres
11/10/2014Additional haemodialysis machines for better service (The Malay Mail)
16/06/201460% of kidney disease patients have diabetes (Sin Chew Daily)
16/06/2014Dialysis centre to be set up in Tawau, Menggatal (The Borneo Post (Sabah))
26/02/20142.5m suffer from kidney disease (The Sun)
10/02/2014NKF donated RM12 million for kidney patients in a year (China Press)
28/01/2014Dialysis centre in Meru Klang (China Press)
23/01/201433 of space for those patients who are kidney disease (Nanyang Siang Pau)
23/01/2014Available 33 patients for register (Sin Chew Daily)
23/01/201433 numbers of application form for hermodialysis center is open (Oriental Daily)
16/01/2014It is hard to set up dialysis center (Sin Chew Daily)
16/01/2014Foundation reaches out to poor folk with renal failure (The Star)
15/01/2014It is hard to set up dialysis center (Sin Chew Daily)
06/01/2014Free dialysis treatment for 75 hard core poor (NST)
21NKF Festive Hampers
28/01/2014Beli hamper bantu pesakit buah pinggang (Kosmo)
28/01/2014Contribute to kidney patients (NST)
18/01/2014Raising funds for dialysis care (The Star)
15/01/2014Hampers to aid kidney patients (The Malay Mail)
10/01/2014NKF bantu 1,550 pesakit buah pinggang (Utusan Malaysia)
22Fundraising project with Petronas 27/01/2014Petronas Chinese New Year short video (Guang Ming Daily)
27/01/2014Remind people should stick to their own values (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
  27/01/2014Touching tale celebrates youth (NST)
  25/01/2014Petronas's CNY short film - Young Hearts (China Press)
  25/01/2014Petronas CNY web film a roaring hit (The Star)
  24/01/2014Petronas introduce chinese new year video (Sin Chew Daily)
23MCA05/02/201451 patients and 10 single mothers gets RM500 ang pau (Nanyang Siang Pau)
  26/01/2014Patients, single mother gets angpow from MCA (China Press)
24Donations From Companies / Students01/04/2014Students raise RM170,000 (The Star)
  25/01/2014Help 2 kidney patient (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
13/01/2014Jiminez kenal pasti kesebelasan utama (Berita Harian)
13/01/2014Charity funding to help kidney patient (Oriental Daily)
01/01/2014Fungates superflow help poor people (Sin Chew Daily)
25NKF Health Screening Program25/01/2014Coming together for health (The Star)
26Media Visit23/01/2014Orang ramai disaran periksa buah pinggang sekali setahun (Kosmo)
27Project WATTS 201323/01/2014Project WATTS 2013 Recognition Ceremony (The Malaysian Reserve)
01/01/2014Out to brighten up more lives (The Star)