Dialysis Assistant Course

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Dialysis Assistant Course is a program whereby dialysis assistants may develop skills; knowledge and attitude which makes them part of a safe, effective, efficient and caring team.

A graduation ceremony of a Dialysis Assistant Course

RM 2,500.00 (A non-refundable deposit of RM250.00 is payable within 14 days from the letter of acceptance from NKF)

The period of training is 3 months.

The training is conducted on a full-time basis at National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Training Centre, 3 Two Square.

Entry Requirements

  • Preferably have completed 11 years of schooling.

  • Had a minimum of 1 year working experience in a haemodialysis unit.

  • Must have full secondment and a form of endorsement from their relevant authority, which must be attached with the applications.

  • Hepatitis status; must be negative.

Course Subjects

  1. Anatomy and physiology of the kidney

  2. Principles of Dialysis

  3. Haemodialysis procedure and nursing care

  4. Infection Control

  5. Dietary Aspects on Chronic Haemodialysis

  6. Rehabilitative Aspects of Chronic Haemodialysis

The course started back in August 2003 and has successfully trained more than 300 dialysis assistants who graduated with 100% pass rate; those who completed the course will be awarded the Certificate of Competency.

Activity Highlights

  • As part of their training the dialysis assistants visit the Municipal Water Treatment Plant in Bestari Jaya (formerly known as Batang Berjuntai), Selangor to get an in-depth view of water treatment as lectures emphasize the importance of water treatment in haemodialysis treatment.

Target Audience
Dialysis Assistants

Training Program
The course will be conducted on a full time basis at the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKFM) Training Centre, Petaling Jaya.