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To arrest the rising number of kidney failure patients being recorded in the country, the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) took the message of healthy living directly to the people.

The NKF also strengthened its links with the authorities and other non-governmental organisations to disseminate information on kidney diseases and the need to actively promote organ donations.

In formulating its strategies, the NKF launched its Public Education Unit in January 2001, to carry out public exhibitions, health talks, seminars and conferences that serve to raise awareness of kidney diseases and their prevention and management.

Since 2007, the unit became a department and started to expand its public education outreach programs. In 2008, the Department launched the NKF LifeCheck Mobile Health Screening Program and this has become the most high profile and effective education channel.

In June 2011, the Department opened the NKF-Berjaya Resource Centre to move forward to achieve NKF's vision as a one-stop national resource centre for the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases.

Slowly but surely, the Department is making strides and informing the public of the need to guard against diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney diseases through its public education outreach programs and mass media such as radio and print media.

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NKF-Berjaya Resource Centre

As part of NKF's commitment to be the leading National Resource Centre for the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases, NKF opened NKF-Berjaya Resource Centre in June 2011 at its headquarters where patients, their families, well wishers and members of the public can utilize the facilities to learn more about the prevention and management of kidney diseases.

The operating hours for the Resource Centre is from 9am to 5pm including lunch time, from Monday to Friday, not including public holidays and weekends.

Among the many facilities, an internet surfing area, a reading corner as well as an audio-visual cum counselling room. The following educational materials are made available:

• NKF highlights, a journey of 40 years of history

• Books and VCDs related to kidney diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, nutrition and diet

• Health magazines

• Pamphlets related to kidney diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol control and healthy dietary guidelines (except diabetes) and organ donation

The Resource Centre will also provide the following services:-

• Counselling for kidneys disease patients who face psychological, social and emotional problems (by appointment only)

• Dietary counseling (by appointment only)

• Periodical health talks, seminars and workshops etc

We encourage kidney disease patients, their family members and members of the public to make full use of the NKF-Berjaya Resource Centre and its facilities as well as services provided.

We are confident that the NKF-Berjaya Resource Centre, as part of a holistic care component, will help to ensure dialysis patients' continued good health and well-being.