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Welfare3/10/2007Dialysis patients find forum useful? - English

9/9/2007More suffering from kidney failure? - English

9/9/2007Nation's first kidney specialist has seen it all - English
Kidney InformationAprilAre your kidneys ok? - English

20/3/2007Let’s Care for Your Kidneys - Chinese

16/3/2007Showing Their Mettle - English
World Kidney Day 200713/3/2007Are Your Kidneys OK? - English

11/3/2007Sharp Increase in End Stage Kidney Patients - Chinese

10/3/2007Kidney Disease Awareness - English

8/3/2007Chronic Kidney Disease A Silent Killer - Chinese

8/3/2007Are Your Kidneys OK? - Chinese

7/3/2007Kidney Patients on the Rise - English

4/3/2007Buah Pinggang Rosak - Bahasa Melayu

4/3/2007Buah Pinggang Anda Ok? - Bahasa Melayu

2/3/2007Why You Need A Kidney Test? - English

2/3/2007Chronic Kidney Disease is the Most Feared - Chinese

26/2/2007Rawatan Di Rumah Sesuai, Mudah - Bahasa Melayu

26/2/2007Dialisis Berkesan Rawat Buah Pinggang - Bahasa Melayu
28/7/2007Parent And Child Look A-like Competition - English

13-19/7/2007Parent And Child Look A-like Competition - English

13/7/2007Parent And Child Look A-like Competition - Chinese

28/5/2007RM1 To Save A Life - Chinese

25/5/2007RM1 To Save A Life - English

25/4/2007Respect Your Mom By Showing Your Love - Chinese

20/4/2007Respect Your Mom By Showing Your Love - English

16/3/2007Kidney Failure On The Rise - English

10/3/2007RM 100,000.00 Aid For NKF - English
Dialysis Centre20/4/2007Opening of FOYI (Unit 2) Dialysis Centre - Chinese
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