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1More Dialysis Centres in Rural Areas
17/12/2013Higher risk at illegal centres (The Star)
16/12/2013Group : Govt should pay more attention to rural areas (The Star)
2"GO For it! A Roller Coaster Public Relations Adventure
17/12/2013Go ahead, do the unthinkable (The Star)
14/12/2013Adventures in the PR business (The Star)
3Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme
11/12/2013Charitable trainees (The Star)
4NKF Festive Hampers
30/12/2013Beramal melalui hamper (Sinar Harian)
10/12/2013Hampers to raise funds (NST)
02/12/2013Festive hampers in aid of kidney foundation (The Malay Mail)
27/11/2013Beramal melalui hamper (Harian Metro)
26/11/2013Festive hampers to help raise funds for kidney patients (The Star)
5"Let's Go Shopping" Project
30/11/2013Dialysis patients get useful tips (The Star)
6Sri KDU Primary School
30/11/2013Sekolah SRI KDU bantu NKF (Sinar Harian)
23/11/2013Donation for National Kidney Foundation (China Press)
7Budget 2014
26/10/2013Subsidy removal sparks sugar rush (The Star)
85 Dialysis nurses get "Vocational Recognition Award" from Rotary Club PJ 24/10/2013Dialysis Nurses Honoured (NST)
23/10/2013Award to 5 best nurses (Makkal Osai)
23/10/2013Best Nurses (Nam Naadu)
23/10/2013PJ Rotary Club gave awards to best nurses (Thina Kural)
23/10/2013Lima Jururawat Pusat Dialisis Terima Anugerah RCPJ (Utusan Malaysia)
9Panasonic Press Conference 10/10/2013Lighting Up The Green Way (China Press)
10/10/2013Panasonic Press Conference where NKF received RM20,000 for Energy-efficient Appliances (China Press)
10Fundraising concert for NKF at Thean Hou Temple 19/09/201332 Singer Sing At Charity Concert (China Press)
19/09/2013Artists Association Fund Raise (Guang Ming Daily)
19/09/201332 Artist Perform At Charity Dinner (Nanyang Siang Pau)
19/09/2013FundRaising Dinner For National Kidney Foundation (Sin Chew Daily)
11Interview with DG MOH and Dato' Dr Zaki 17/09/2013Many New Kidney Patients Are Also Diabetic (The Star)
12PED's Patient Starter Kit 04/10/2013Buku Untuk Pesakit CKD (Berita Harian)
03/09/2013Starter Kit For Kidney Patients (NST)
27/08/2013Foundation's Starter Kit For Kidney Patients (The Star)
22/08/2013NKF Starter Kit (Nanyang Siang Pau)
13Fundraising project with MPSJ 04/10/2013MPSJ and Puchong Folk Hold Family Day with Green Theme (The Star)
23/08/2013Green Puchong Day (China Press)
14Letter To The Editor 14/08/2013Employ More Kidney Patients (The star)
15Guardian Charity Bonanza 31/07/2013RM360,000 Boost For Six Charities (The Star)
16Fundraising event with Sri Garden International School 27/07/2013Charity Fair Raises Funds (NST)
07/07/2013Fundraising - Sri Garden Cheque Presentation (Nanyang Siang Pau)
07/07/2013Fundraising - Sri Garden Cheque Presentation (China Press)
17Fundraising/PED event with UCSI 17/07/2013Where Aspiring Pharmacists Soar (The Star)
10/07/2013UCSI's Public Health Campaign Draws Large Crowd (New Sarawak Tribune)
02/07/2013UCSI Health Screening & Fundraising Event In Ipoh (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
18NKF - CIMP Fundraising Event 19/06/2013Book Smarts, With A Heart For Those In Need (The Star)
19NKF's Patient Forum 21/06/2013Forum For Kidney Disease (The Star (Northern issue))
18/06/2013NKF's Patient Forum In Ipoh (Nanyang Siang Pau)
18/06/2013NKF's Patient Forum In Ipoh (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
17/06/20135000 Pesakit Buah Pinggang Baharu Setiap Tahun (Utusan Malaysia)
17/06/2013Worrisome Rise In Kidney Patients (NST)
17/06/2013NKF's Patient Forum In Ipoh (Sin Chew Daily)
17/06/2013NKF's Patient Forum In Ipoh (Oriental Daily (Northern issue))
11/06/2013Forum Meningkatkan Kesihatan Ginjal (Sinar Harian)
20Health Screening13/12/2013Health tests for the needy (The Star)
04/12/2013Batu Arang folk attend free medical camp (NST)
  26/11/2013Free health screening (The Star)
  06/06/2013Health Workshop For Women (NST)
21Malene Insurance01/06/2013Golfers Donate RM51,000 To Kidney Foundation (NST)
29/05/2013Malene Derma Mesin Haemodialisis, Wang Tunai (Berita Harian)
22Event With Berjaya 31/05/2013Pusat Dialisis NKF Seluruh Negara Terima 10 Unit Mesin (Utusan Malaysia)
31/05/20134000 Diagnosed With Kidney Failure Each Year (The Star)
31/05/2013Berjaya Donates RM320,000 Equipment To NKF (The Sun)
23Cheque Presentation In Conjunction With Wesak Day Celebrations27/05/2013Caring And Sharing On Wesak Day (The Star)
24Fundraising With Buddhist Temple22/05/2013Temples Get Ready For Wesak (NST)
25Celebrity Masterchef Malaysia Cooking for a Cause – Rozita Che Wan Represents NKF 19/04/2013Oh My Cooking! (NST)
26Charis centre organised a 5-day charity campaign 19/04/2013Charity Car Wash Campaign (China Press)
19/04/2013Charity Car Wash To Donate Funds To 2 Organizations (Sin Chew Daily)
27Direct mentioned on NKF Lions Penang in conjunction with Alor Star Lions Club 47th Anniversary 16/04/2013Alor Setar Lion Club 47th Anniversary (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
28An article by NKF’s NutritionistApril IssueDoktor, Anak Saya Gemuk (iSihat)
29World Kidney Day 201303/05/2013More Than RM30000 Raised For NKF (NST)
04/04/2013Early Start to Healthy Living (NST)
30/03/2013Sri Garden Goes Red (NST)
29/03/2013Kids Support NKF (The Star)
20/03/2013Kidney Patients Show Increase Of 3 Times In 10 Years (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
15/03/2013Kidney Patients Show Increase Of 3 Times In 10 Years (Nanyang Siang Pau)
14/03/2013More Having Kidney Disease (NST)
11/03/2013Sayangi Buah Pinggang (Harian Metro)
30Golf Charity14/03/2013130 Turn Up for Charity Golf (The Star)
31World Kidney Day Run & Carnival 201329/05/2013Being Health-conscious (The Star)
29/05/2013Run To Promote Kidney Donation (NST)
17/03/2013The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) - NST
22/02/2013Registrations Open for WKD Run & Fun Rides 2013 (Sin Chew Daily)
32Charity Auction on for NKF28/02/2013Dine With Jojo and Patricia (The Malay Mail)
21/02/2013Get ‘sold’ for a noble cause (The Star)
33Special Mention on NKF02/02/2013NKF Bantu pesakit buah pinggang kurang mampu dapatkan rawatan (Utusan Melayu)
34Utas Maju Sdn Bhd Donated Machine Reprocessor11/01/2013Donation to start the new year (The Star)
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