Prevention of Kidney Disease


The two major contributors to Chronic Kidney Failure in Malaysia are diabetes and high blood pressure. Hence, the sooner these illnesses are treated, the better the chance of preventing Chronic Kidney Failure.

Those suffering from these ailments  should be medically supervised, because careful control of blood  pressure, blood sugar level, taking a low protein diet and weight  reduction can significantly slow down or even prevent the development of  chronic kidney diseases.

In the case of  acute kidney diseases, it is also important to seek medical attention  early, so that effective therapy can be started promptly. Early  treatment of acute kidney disease can prevent permanent damage, whereas  delay in diagnosis and treatment may result in permanent kidney failure.

Even in the case  of irreversible kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplantation have  made remarkable progress in recent years, enabling patients with End  Stage Kidney Failure to lead active lives.

5.1 High Risk Group

  • One belongs to the high risk group if he has the following or he is:

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Family history of kidney disease, diabetes or high blood pressure

  • Obesity

  • Kidney stone

  • Above 50 years old

Patients with diabetes,  high blood pressure or individuals with a family history of kidney  disease, diabetes or high blood pressure should have checkups on blood  pressure, blood sugar and urine tests for at least once a year to check  on the status of their kidneys. It is important that patients with  established kidney disease must monitor their condition by visiting  their doctors regularly.Practice a Balanced Diet
-Lower the fat, salt and sugar content in your diet  and add more fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables. A low salt diet is  especially important if you have high blood
Overcome Obesity
-The best way is with regular exercise and a well  balanced diet. Exercise for 30 minutes for at least 3 times a week if  possible.
Quit Smoking
-There is no 'safe' level of smoking and smoking is  damaging to blood vessel walls. Damaged blood vessel walls can lead to  atherosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels) and ischemia of the  kidneys.
Avoid Unnecessary Medications-Certain medications are toxic to the kidneys in  susceptible individuals, especially if taken in large amounts over long  periods. Your doctor can give you specific advice on what medications to  avoid.


5.2 Screening is Vital!

  • Blood pressure

  • Blood test for glucose and creatinine

    • A kidney  profile includes measurement of various chemicals and waste products in  the blood. This test would be able to tell you if you have moderate to  severe kidney failure. It is important to note that this test is usually  normal in early kidney disease.

  • Urine test

    • The urine test is important in screening  for kidney disease. Specialized urine test will be able to confirm  early kidney disease thereby allowing appropriate treatment to prevent  further kidney damage.

Ultrasound may be required for certain individuals. It is a  form of scanning which looks at the kidneys and urinary tract. Certain  diseases such as kidney stone, tumor, cyst or blockage of the urinary  tract can be detected by an ultrasound scan.