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The Patient Support Group (PSG) was set up under the auspices of the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia. It was launched on 25 September 2005 and operates as an independent body. It is a patient-centric organisation working for the betterment of all kidney patients in Malaysia, regardless of whether they are seeking treatment at NKF or at dialysis centres in government and private hospitals and other NGO dialysis centres.

The main objectives of the Patient Support Group include:-
  • Advocating easier access to dialysis treatment and high quality care and lower prices for medication.
  • Providing health information on kidney diseases and their management and care.
  • Organising health talks and seminars to update patients and their families on the latest treatment and healthcare issues.
  • Providing counselling and support to address psychological and emotional factors affecting patients and their families.
  • Facilitating contact with professional bodies, government agencies and authorities, and individuals involved in kidney health.
  • Planning and organising social and recreational activities for patients and their families.

The Patient Support Group cannot achieve these objectives without the support and strength of a large number of members. Hence, we are seeking everyone’s cooperation to register kidney patients as members of PSG.

Membership is FREE and is open to all kidney patients on haemodialysis.

The first meeting was held on 10 October 2004 at the NKF headquarters at No. 72, Jalan 14/29, 46100 Petaling Jaya. It was attended by about 100 patients and their family members. The inaugural meeting was a resounding success.

A pro-tem committee was also formed when 11 patients volunteered themselves to serve on the committee, which began its task with a membership drive to make the support group stronger.

For a start, the support group was open to patients from all dialysis centres in Selangor, including those from the NKF, government and private medical facilities, and non-governmental organisations.

Activities planned under the support group will serve to bring together patients and their families, and encourage better communication between them and their care givers. It will include having:

  • annual get-togethers
  • trips to places of interest
  • sports day
  • patient forums
  • talks on health, diet and nutrition
  • counselling sessions and
  • peer support group and others.

For further  information, please contact our Welfare Officer at Tel: 03-7954 0052 / 03-7954 0119 or e-mail

To  become a member of the Patient Support Group, please download our Patient Support Group Application Form. Fill up the membership form and fax it to 03-7954 3468. The NKF will confirm the receipt of your application form within 5 working days.