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5th Renal Nutrition Conference
22 & 23 June 2024

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Plenary Session
The Importance of Nutrition in Kidney Care by Prof. Dr. Lim Soo Kun
Diabetes and Kidney Health: A Vital Connection by Dr. Sunita Bavanandan
Obesity and related disorders: A threat to CKD by Dr. Thong Kah Mean
Fueling the Health of Obese CKD Patients: Nutritional Care by Dr. Maria Chan

Symposium 1: Bridging Guidelines for Kidney Nutrition Care
Revolutionizing Kidney Nutrition Care: Latest Guidelines & Local Implications by Dr. Khor Ban Hock
ABCD of Nutrition Assessment by Dr. Maria Chan

Workshop 1: Nutrition Screening & Assessment
Nutrition-Focused Physical Examination for Kidney Patients by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulfitri Azuan Mat Daud
Nutritional Assessment: Tools and Strategies for Outpatient and Inpatient Settings
– Assessment of Frailty & Hand-grip Strength
– Assessment of PEW, Appetite
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulfitri, Dr. Khor Ban Hock, Ms. Lau Wai Pooi, NKF Dietitian

Symposium 2: Fluid Overload 101: Assessing & Managing for Optimal Health
Assessment & Management of Fluid Overload – Best Way Forward
Exploring the Hidden Secrets of Your Body: How Bioelectrical Impedance
Spectroscopy Can Revolutionize Your Nutrition and Fluid Status Assessment

Symposium 3: Tackling Nutrition-Related Issues In CKD
Medical Management for Non-Dialysis CKD by Dr. Loh Chek Loong
Fostering Nutrition Literacy: Bridging the Connection between Food and Health in by our Patients by Mr. Alvin Lim Jun Hao
Unveiling the NUTRITIONAL Significance of Kidney Disease Quality of Life: Understanding its Impact and Importance by Mr. Ng Hi Ming
Frailty and Skeletal Muscle Wasting in CKD: Medical Point of View by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nor Fadhlina Binti Zakaria
Frailty and Skeletal Muscle Wasting in CKD: Dietitian Point of View by Dr. Maria Chan



Symposium 4: Nutrition Prescription
Tailoring Energy and Protein Prescriptions for Optimal Nutrition in CKD Stages 3-5 and Dialysis by Dr. Maria Chan
Protein Choices for Kidney Health: Exploring Plant-Based vs Animal-Based Options by Dr. Khor Ban Hock
Unveiling the Whole Diet Approach – Navigating Dietary Patterns for a Holistic Perspective by Prof. Dr. Tilakavati Karupaiah

Symposium 5: Micronutrients And Other Component
Anemia Management by Dr. Maisarah Jalalonmuhali
Vitamin Supplementation by Dr. Nurul Zaynah
Fluid management and Dry weight by Dr. Tan Li Ping

Symposium 6: Navigating CKD-Mineral Bone Disorders
The CKD-MBD Guidelines: Spotlight on Phosphate Management (include vit D) by Dr. Mohd Zaimi Abdul Wahab
Insights into Dietary Phosphate Management in Malaysia: Discoveries from the PATCH Study by Dr. Khor Ban Hock
Nutrition Education of Hyperphosphatemia by Ms. Teong Lee Fang

Symposium 7: Nutrition Care for Transplant Patients
Medical Management for Kidney Transplant by Dr. Rosnawati Yahya
Nutrition Care for the Kidney Transplant Patients by Dr. Maria Chan
Role of Nurses in Pre- and Post-Transplant Care by

Workshop 2: Interprofessional Approach in Kidney Nutrition Care
Oral Nutrition Supplement by Dr. Sharmela Sahathevan
Interdialytic Parenteral Nutrition by Dr. Birinder Sadu Singh
Role of Nurses in Nutrition Delivery by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tang Li Yoong


List of Speakers:

  • Prof. Dr. Lim Soo Kun (Nephrologist, University of Malaya)
  • Dr. Sunita Bavanandan (Nephrologist, Hospital Kuala Lumpur)
  • Dr. Thong Kah Mean (Nephrologist, Hospital Ipoh)
  • Dr. Maria Chan (Dietitian, St. George Hospital, AUS)
  • Dr. Khor Ban Hock (Dietetics Lecturer, UMS)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulfitri Azuan Mat Daud (Dietitian, UPM)
  • Ms. Lau Wai Pooi
  • Dr. Loh Chek Loong (Nephrologist, Hospital Ipoh)
  • Mr. Alvin Lim Jun Hao (Dietitian, UPM)
  • Mr. Ng Hi Ming (Dietitian, Sunway Medical Centre)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nor Fadhlina Binti Zakaria (Nephrologist, UPM)
  • Prof. Dr. Tilakavati Karupaiah (Dietitian)
  • Dr. Maisarah Jalalonmuhali (Nephrologist)
  • Dr. Nurul Zaynah (Nephrologist)
  • Dr. Tan Li Ping (Nephrologist)
  • Dr. Rosnawati Yahya (Nephrologist)
  • Dr. Mohd Zaimi Abdul Wahab (Nephrologist)
  • Ms. Teong Lee Fang (Dietitian, Hospital Selayang)
  • Dr. Sharmela Sahathevan (Dietetics Lecturer, IMU)
  • Dr. Birinder Sadu Singh (Pharmacist, HTCM, UKM)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tang Li Yoong (Head of Nursing Science Department, UM)