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Where can I go for my Dialysis and how will I pay?

The cost of dialysis like most specialized treatment is costly and high but there are 3 types of dialysis centres in Malaysia. They are government, private and NGO dialysis centres. Most poor and needy patients with permanent kidney failure are eligible for dialysis at the government hospitals at a nominal fee but due to inadequate availability of space the patients have to look for other sources such as private hospitals and centres run by NGOs.

Does NKF provide free Dialysis?

No, the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia does not give free dialysis treatment, but gives other subsidies as free service such as blood tests, vitamins, subsidized Erythropoietin injections, etc.

I am a Dialysis patient married and working. Which are the agencies that can provide financial assistance and other forms of aid

You are advised to apply to the Social Security Organization (SOSCO) if you are eligible. Some of the agencies offering financial aid are the Department of Social Welfare, the National Welfare Foundation, etc. The contact numbers are:

SOSCO, 03-4264 5000
Department of Social Welfare, 03-83231656/1658
National Welfare Foundation, 03-83232451

I am a government servant and my mother needs Dialysis. Does NKF accepts such cases and how do I go about it?

Yes, the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia will accept such cases. The dialysis treatment of immediate family members of government servants will be paid for by the Government through the department where they are working. A Guarantee Letter from the department will be required.

All government servants and their dependants must get dialysis treatment at Government Hospitals, but if the treatment facility is not available or not provided, then they can apply to other sources for treatment such as private hospitals or NGOs. The procedure is to declare the need for treatment and confirmation by a Government Doctor using the relevant forms that such treatment is not available in government hospitals.

What are the conditions of admission if I intend to apply to NKF for my Dialysis Treatment? What are the documents that you reacquire for my application?

Who can help me apply for financial aid for Dialysis

The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) has its own Welfare Officers who can help you find out which programs you are eligible for and which will meet your needs. He or she can usually direct and guide you to the right agencies.

How much does the NKF charge and what are the procedures?

The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia charges a fee of RM90 per dialysis treatment; after the approval of RM100 per dialysis treatment subsidy from The Ministry of Health, treatment is free. In order to get into the program, the patient has to fill in all the relevant forms and submit documents such as photo copies of IC, the relevant bills, salary slips and financial status through the NKF centre where the patient wants to do his dialysis. This will be submitted to the Welfare Department of National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia for approval.

What if I am a government servant

As a government servant, your dialysis treatment will be paid for by the Government. You will have to get a Guarantee letter from the department where you are working to confirm payment.

I am a retired government servant and need Dialysis urgently. Can I come tomorrow and start my Dialysis?

You must get approval from PSD and fulfill the above conditions. But you can still do your dialysis, pay first and claim from PSD later and the amount should not exceed RM200 per dialysis.

What types of schemes or funds available for NKF patients?

What is Patient Support Group?

Please refer to Patient Support Group