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Partnership Programme

NKF is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing affordable haemodialysis treatment to the lower income group, the most important benefit is reserved for our patients in terms of lower charges. The initial setup cost for the partner is RM1.2 million. There is no profit to the partner.

Stringent procedures are necessary as the cost of dialysis treatment is subsidised by NKF and the Government. NKF lowered its dialysis treatment fees for non-sponsored patients from RM100.00 to RM90.00 per treatment with effect from 1 April 2015. Successful applicants will need to pay RM90.00 per dialysis treatment on admission. NKF will help eligible patients to apply for the Ministry of Health (MOH) subsidy of RM100.00 per dialysis treatment. The MOH subsidy was increased from RM50 to RM100 per dialysis treatment with effect from 1 January 2018.

At NKF, each dialysis treatment costs approximately RM170. The rate for self-paying patients is RM90 per treatment and those subsidised by MOH do not have to pay; the balance of RM80.00 per treatment for each NKF patient is subsidised by NKF via its fundraising efforts.

NKF subsidised more than 1,700 dialysis patients in 2020.

Patients at NKF-linked haemodialysis centres also benefit from lower charges for injections of Erythropoietin, a drug that increases their red blood cells and heparin, an anti-blood clotting drug.

And thanks to our bulk purchases, the dialysis centres themselves enjoy the benefit of lower prices for consumables, such as dialysers, arterial venous bloodlines, fistula needles, haemodialysis solutions such as acid concentrates and bicarbonate concentrates, drip sets, saline solutions and transducer protectors among many others.

As the first non-governmental organisation to offer haemodialysis treatment in Malaysia, the NKF has developed terms and conditions that encourage third parties to partner with us in opening up more dialysis centres for the lower income group.

Some of the consumables that NKF-linked dialysis centres obtain at competitive prices, thanks to our bulk purchases

Below, we list some of our main conditions for such partnerships:


  • To provide the physical facility (building) for the setting up of the dialysis centre.
  • Equip the dialysis centre with 10 or more dialysis machines together with the relevant medical equipment.
  • Provide capital cost for the replacement of unserviceable dialysis machines and medical equipment.
  • Contribute RM50,000 per annum as partner’s share of the replacement cost or replace unserviceable machines in lieu of the RM50,000 contributions.


  • To operate and maintain the dialysis centre.
  • To pay the rental for the premises of the dialysis centre, if applicable.
  • Pay the premiums on fire/risk insurance and on assets and equipment in the dialysis centres.
  • Pay all wages and salaries to medical and administrative staff.
  • Pay the maintenance and repair costs for the dialysis equipment and the dialysis centre.
  • Pay for any costs of consumables, pharmaceuticals and laboratory investigations.
  • To pay for utilities such as water, electricity and telephones.

If you wish to partner with the NKF to open a new haemodialysis centre, please contact:

Senior Project Manager, Mr. Husin Bin Harun at Tel: 03 7954 9048 ext. 223 or e-mail:
Assistant Project Manager, Ms Irene Ooi at Tel: 03 7954 9048 ext. 226 or email: