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From our humble beginnings when we first registered in the year 1969, NKF strives to raise the standards of care we provide to patients with kidney failure and those who are suffering from various kidney-related diseases

To lead in the promotion and enhancement of kidney health and in the management and treatment of kidney disease.

History of NKF Malaysia from 1970 to present

There are numerous benefits involved in opening haemodialysis centres in partnership with the NKF.

With 29 centres located nationwide and 1681 patients (as at April 2024) dialysis patients to manage.


Common Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) means a condition that damages one’s kidneys. It decreases kidney’s ability to keep one healthy by doing their functions.

Facts About Kidneys

Do you know that your Kidneys…? 1.1 Weigh less than 1% of your body weight? 1.2 Receive 20% of the blood that is pumped by your heart? 1.3 Filter 180 litres of fluids per day to produce 2 litres of urine?

Is it true that only elderly people can get kidney failure? Can kidney failure be cured? I consume herbal medication for my health, will it affect my kidneys?


To maintain the standard and consistency of quality dialysis care, the NKF Training Unit was established in August 2003 to provide comprehensive training to dialysis assistants, staff nurses and assistant medical officers working not only in NKF dialysis centres but also other dialysis providers throughout Malaysia.

NKF Training Centre was set up in 2009 – due to the rapid increase of dialysis patients, NKF Training Centre plays the important role of maintaining professionalism of dialysis centre staff when providing care to the patients.

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The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) depends on public generosity and corporate funding to provide affordable treatment to all patients who are from the lower income group.