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Lives We Transformed

The Ups & Downs Of Life

He is thankful to have his dialysis at the centre saying, “It is indeed a great joy for me to be receiving dialysis in NKF where I have been well taken care of by the staff and treated with great friendship by fellow patients”

Hope Lives On

She was then referred to Pusat Dialisis NKF Bakti in Klang, where she would undergo dialysis treatment, courtesy of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Malaysia. Read more..

Battling The Odds Alone

And with the help of the Centre Manager, he has been receiving his treatment there since September 2014. His dialysis treatment is fully subsidised by NKF and the Ministry of Health. Read more..

When You Least Expected It

A ray of hope soon emerged. National Kidney Foundation (NKF) of Malaysia had learned of Nurul’s plight and provided dialysis treatment for her. Read more..

NKF Patient Incentive Funds: Empowering Patients

Today, En. Roshidi operates a small café at Subang Perdana selling Thai cuisine. Read more..