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1. Patient Dialysis Welfare Subsidy – Under this fund, patients are assisted with RM50 per dialysis treatment for a period of 5 months while waiting for the approval of their subsidy from the Ministry of Health.

2. Hardcore Poor Subsidy – This is a full subsidy for NKF’s very poor patients who cannot afford to pay for their dialysis fees due to various circumstances such as unemployment, lack of support from family members, abandonment and poverty. A socio-economic report from the Medical Social Worker/District Social Welfare Officer on the applicant is required to ascertain his financial status. The amount is RM90 per dialysis treatment before the approval of their MOH subsidy.

3. Patient Transport Subsidy – High transport costs are a burden to patients, their families and friends to meet their travel needs to and from the dialysis centres three times a week, especially for those staying in areas where public transport is non-existent, lacking or not reliable. This subsidy helps to ensure that very poor patients do not default on their dialysis treatment due to transport problems.

4. Patient Vascular Access Subsidy – This subsidy is to help poor patients pay for the Insertion of  their vascular catheter/permcath, creation of new Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF)/Arteriovenous Graft (AVG) and repair of their AVF/AVG in government or private hospitals/centres/clinics as recommended by NKF’s consultant nephrologists. This subsidy shortens the long waiting period for AVF/AVG/BCF surgery in government hospitals.

5. Patient Relief Subsidy – This subsidy is to help poor patients who have multiple health problems and other complications pay for the various health supplements which they need but cannot afford, including Oral Nutrition Support such as NOVASOURCE® Renal (Nestle) or Nepro HP (Abbot). This fund can also be used for the payment of ambulance fees, hospitalization/treatment/ surgeries,and other medical and social emergencies.

6. Peritoneal Dialysis Financial Assistance Programme – To provide financial assistance to poor Malaysians with kidney failure to have access to peritoneal dialysis treatment.

  1. Peritoneal Dialysis Financial Assistance Programme Flyer 
  2. Application Form – Peritoneal Dialysis Financial Assistance Programme


7. Red Bean Financial Assistance Programme – To provide access to adequate ESA treatment for poor CKD patients. This is open to all dialysis patients, even those not on dialysis at NKF centres. (Click here for more information)

Note: Application for the above subsidies must be made through the Centre Managers/Staff Nurses In – Charge of NKF’s Dialysis Centres.