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This Patient and Caregiver Support group is a patient-centric and self-help group to help patients deal with debilitating chronic kidney diseases (CKD). The NKF dialysis patients and caregivers may share their life experiences on CKD-related and dialysis-related matters to support one another. It is also beneficial to optimize kidney health care.

The benefits of participating in the Patient and Caregiver Support group include:
• Learn to cope with dialysis, struggles, difficulties, and life uncertainty and to be able to accept, adjust and adapt to the new life experiences and dialysis journey,
• Gain insight while going through different life phases when lifespan and quality of life are derailed by chronic kidney disease.

In line with NKF’s motto, “GIVING HOPE”, the support group is to bring together people to share a common interest in kidney health issues. As such, patients and caregivers are able to support one another by sharing life experiences and lessons from undergoing dialysis and managing CKD. Besides, members can motivate each other to maintain positive attitudes when situations become challenging during the course of dialysis.

The sharing, which includes self-disclosure and feedback on NKF online platforms, including WhatsApp and Facebook Group for a resource to take place, can help both NKF dialysis patients and their caregivers.

Join in to support, encourage and empower each other by registering yourself at the link and/or QR code below. It is open to all patients and caregivers on haemodialysis programme with NKF.

Please click HERE or scan the QR code below to join the NKF Patient and Caregiver Support now!