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1. Peritoneal Dialysis Financial Assistance Programme – To provide financial assistance to poor and needy Malaysians with kidney failure to have access to peritoneal dialysis treatment. (Click here for more Information and Application Forms)

2. Red Bean Financial Assistance Programme– To provide access to adequate ESA treatment for poor and low-income CKD patients with renal anemia. (Click here for more information)

3. Kidney Transplant Subsidy Programme– To provide financial assistance to the low-income, including lower-middle-income Malaysians access to the plan for a kidney transplant. This subsidy will also cover medical evaluation at private hospitals up to RM 3,000/- without the strict means test. For non-medical subsidy, it covers income loss reimbursement for donors, travelling and lodging expenses, blood screening and etc. (Click here for more information)

Note: Application for the above financial assistance needs to be through the Nephrologist
directly to the NKF Welfare Department.