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Fundraise for Charity: I Champion for NKF Contest


Think you have what it takes to fundraise?
You can raise funds in aid of The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) while giving a much-needed exposure for your college’s / university’s groups and societies.

Fundraising involves raising money for a good cause.
Anyone can fundraise for NKF, or on behalf of a specific charity campaign, and it’s often our personal attachment that drives our fundraising efforts.

Every bit counts, and even small donations can have a large impact on our work.

How It Works

Start Your own fundraiser

  • Sign up via QR Code or click here 


  • Tell your story
  • Add a picture

Share with friends

  • NKF will manage your page
  • Send text messages
  • Share on social media

Accept Donations

  • Accept donations (Funds channelled automatically to NKF)
  • Thank donors

Rules & Regulation

  • The contest theme is : I am a Fundraiser
  • The contest will start on the 3rd May 2023 and deadline will be on the 30th November 2023.
  • The amount raised by individuals will be managed by NKF at the end of the contest period.
  • Only the approved app (by NKF) are eligible for the contest.
  • Funds raised in excess of the tiers (see Rewards) at the end of the contest period will be rewarded.
  • This contest is specifically for college and university students
  • NKF will communicate about this contest via the student council using posters that will be placed at student centers.
  • Winners will be announced and updated on social media on a regular basis (facebook and instagram)
  • Publicity such as announcement for the winners will be done in November.

Contest : I Champion For NKF
Date : 3rd May 2023 – 30 November 2023

Funds raised more than RM 5,000.00- RM9,999.00
Prizes: RM 500 cash

Funds raised more than RM 10,000.00 and above
Prizes: RM 1,000 cash

Winners will also be rewarded with merchandize / goodies from NKF.