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No. Activity Date Title
1 Nephrology Nutrition 07/12/2017 Nephrology nutrition (Nanyang Siang Pau – Supplement)
2 Million Dollar Challege 2017 11/11/2017 Million dollar chance for KL duo (The Star)
3 NKF Fo Yi Dialysis Centre Damages 15 Dialysis Machines 12/11/2017 Dialysis machine was flood damage; foyi loss rm270000 (Guang Ming Daily)
    11/11/2017 15 dialysis machines in Fo Yi Dialysis Center broken (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
    10/11/2017 Fo yi dialysis centre damages 15 dialysis machines (China Press)
4 Raise Funds For Purchase Dialysis Machine 22/10/2017 National Kidney Foundation could not make ends meet from buying Dialysis machines and providing subsidies for patients (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
    20/10/2017 Old song review to raise funds for purchase dialysis machine (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
5 ScamBuster Run 2017 20/10/2017 20,000 kunjungi InvestSmart Fest (Berita Harian)
    16/10/2017 3 thousand people say “No” together at scams in ScamBuster Run (Sin Chew Daily)
    16/10/2017 3 thousand people say no to illegal investment (Guang Ming Daily)
    16/10/2017 Kutipan RM100,000 disalur ke yayasan buah pinggang (Berita Harian)
6 Slide The City – NKF 14/09/2017 “Slide The City” to begin on 30th in Shah Alam (Oriental Daily)
7 NKF Peritoneal Dialysis 06/09/2017 NKF start the peritoneal dialysis program (Sin Chew Daily)
    05/09/2017 The National Kidney Foundation (The Edge Financial Daily)
    28/08/2017 Dana PD NKF bantu pesakit buah pinggang (Harian Metro)
8 NKF Malaysia Mooncake Festival 2017 12/09/2017 Mooncakes that brighten lives (The Malay Mail)
    26/08/2017 NKF is delighted to announce annual mooncakes charity project (Nanyang Siang Pau)
    24/08/2017 National Kidney Foundation sells mooncakes to raise charity (China Press)
    22/08/2017 NKF launches 3 new favourite mooncake to raise funds (Sin Chew Daily)
    21/08/2017 More than just mooncakes (The Edge)
9 Choral Serenade to Music by Jeffrey Cheah Foundation 03/09/2017 Performance benefits kidney foundation (The Star)
    30/08/2017 Cambridge choir serenades for a good cause (New Straits Times)
    27/08/2017 A choral serenade (New Straits Times)
    21/08/2017 Founding trustee (The Edge Financial Daily)
    19/08/2017 Jeffrey Cheah foudation and Sunway university raise fund danate to National Kidney (Sin Chew Daily)
    13/08/2017 Benefit performance (The Star)
    11/08/2017 Foundation to hold charity concert in aid of kidney patients (The Star)
10 NKF Patient Forum 2017 19/07/2017 Increase of 7000 kidney patients annually (Guang Ming Daily)
    17/07/2017 Supplements can’t cure kidney disease (The Star)
11 AXA Hearts in Action Run 2017 28/06/2017 AXA Affin Malaysia (The Edge Financial Daily)
    24/06/2017 AXA Hearts in Action Run is coming again (Sin Chew Daily)
12 Mitrajaya Charity Run 2017 23/06/2017 2017 Mitrajaya charity run (Sin Chew Daily)
13 Ramadhan & Hari Raya Festival 23/06/2017 Keriangan menghias biskut raya gergasi (Kosmo)
    05/06/2017 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (The Edge Financial Daily)
14 Kidney Failure in Malaysia 09/04/2017 Don’t kid with kidney failure (The Star)
15 World Kidney Day Celebration 2017 07/04/2017 Pedalling from Kangar to Putrajaya to spread obesity message (The Star)
    26/03/2017 One for the road (The Malay Mail)
    23/03/2017 ‘Cyclethon’ raises awareness on kidney disease (The Star)
    18/03/2017 WORLD KIDNEY DAY 2017 (The Star)
    17/03/2017 WORLD KIDNEY DAY 2017 (The Star)
    16/03/2017 WORLD KIDNEY DAY 2017 CYCLETON (The Star)
    16/03/2017 Kidney disease increases 7k patient per year (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
    14/03/2017 Masalah buah pinggang di kedah semakin serius (Utusan Borneo Sabah)
    14/03/2017 Obesity leading cause of kidney failure in Kedah (New Sarawak Tribune)
    14/03/2017 Obesity leading cause of kidney failure (Daily Express Sabah)
    14/03/2017 World Kidney Day (New Straits Times)
    10/03/2017 CYCLING FOR AWARENESS (The Star)
    09/03/2017 Advise public to care about kidney health (Guang Ming Daily)
    07/03/2017 OPEN DAY (The Star)
    06/03/2017 OPEN DAY (The Star)
    03/03/2017 Obesity= Kidney Woes (New Straits Times)
    27/02/2017 Cycling tour to raise awareness (The Sun)
16 Fundraising 29/08/2017 Dialysis machine (New Straits Times)
    30/07/2017 Fans honours artist TMS Sivaguru (Makkal Osai)
    31/05/2017 Charity night for haemodialysis machine in centre (Sin Chew Daily)
    29/03/2017 Kunzang chokhor ling 2017 charity night (Oriental Daily)
    27/03/2017 Caricature feat earns him place in book of records (The Star)
    27/03/2017 Donation of RM25,000 to care for the disadvantaged (Sin Chew Daily)
    13/03/2017 Making charity their business, too (The Star)
    08/03/2017 Brandlaureate honours over 60 SMEs (The Malaysian Reserve)
    18/02/2017 Sluggish money to help kidney disease patients more difficult during recession (China Press)
17 BookDoc Apps 08/03/2017 Untuk Kekal Aktif (Harian Metro)
18 NKF Organ Donation Campaign 23/05/2017 Pledge a donation (New Straits Times)
    28/02/2017 Awareness campaign for organ donation (New Straits Times)
    18/02/2017 Spreading awareness on organ donation (The Malay Mail)
    17/02/2017 Waiting period for kidney transplant 5 to 10 years (Daily Express Sabah)
    17/02/2017 10 tahun tunggu giliran pemindahan organ baharu (Utusan Sarawak)
    17/02/2017 Penantian antara lima hingga 10 tahun untuk pemindahan buah pinggang (New Sabah Times-Bahasa Malaysia)
    17/02/2017 Penantian antara 5 hingga 10 tahun untuk pemindahan buah pinggang (Utusan Borneo Sabah)
    17/02/2017 Five to 10 years wait for kidney transplants-foundation (The Borneo Post Sabah)
    17/02/2017 Agonising wait for kidney patients awaiting transplant (The Borneo Post Sarawak)
    17/02/2017 Waiting period for kidney transplants five to 10 years – Foundation (New Sarawak Tribune)
    17/02/2017 19000 pesakit buah pinggang tunggu organ baharu (Sinar Harian)
    17/02/2017 Change kidney have to wait for for 5 to 10 years (Sin Chew Daily)
    17/02/2017 NKF held organ donation awakening campaign (Sin Chew Daily)
    17/02/2017 19,000 kidney patients waiting for transplants (New Straits Times)
    17/02/2017 Talkback (New Straits Times)
    17/02/2017 Kidney transplantation need to wait 5 to 10 years (China Press)
19 Sunway Group Donated Haemodialysis Machines 14/02/2017 Aid for kidney foundation (The Star)
    13/02/2017 Sunway donate dialysis machine (China Press)
    09/02/2017 7 thousand peoples having kidney disease every year (Sin Chew Daily)
    08/02/2017 7 thousand of people has been found facing kidney failure issue in every year (See Hua Daily News-Sabah)
20 NKF Dialysis Centre 24/03/2017 Thumbs up for dialysis centre (The Star)
    07/02/2017 Siang Riang Triang Dialysis Center (China Press)
21 NKF Events 07/02/2017 Local events to watch out for today (The Edge Financial Daily)
22 Healthy Cook-Off Competition 03/05/2017 Wei Ming juara resipi sihat (Berita Harian)
    01/04/2017 Cooking up goodness for the kidneys (Health Today)
    21/03/2017 Healthy cook-off competition (New Straits Times)
    16/03/2017 Encouraging youth to eat healthy (The Star)
    07/02/2017 Advocates for healthy eating (New Straits Times)
    03/02/2017 Cooking contest to promote healthy diet (China Press)
    31/01/2017 Cook-off to raise awareness on healthy eating among youths (The Star)
23 Talent For Fundraising 19/01/2017 Joining forces to buy dialysis machine (The Star)