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News Archive, Year 2012


No. Activity Date Title
1 Feature Interview with Young Dialysis Patient, Teh Sheng Ru 23/10/2012 Young, sick & courageous (NST)
2 Weightloss for Charity by Leighton Offshore 04/10/2012 Losing weight for Charity (The Star)
3 Kidney4Daddy 21/09/2012 Have A Heart for Kidney Patient Rizal (NST)
4 Charity for NKF by Galaxy Group of Companies 16/09/2012 Photography Exhibition for Charity (Nanyang Siang Pau)
5 DAMA Orchestra Musical Fundraising  ‘Empress Wu’ 01/09/2012 Empress Wu The Musical Charity Fundraising (China Press)
6 Fundraising Initiative by DNMC International 31/08/2012 Booklet Sales Benefit NKF (The Star)
7 Raya Shopping & Buka Puasa with Azizi Zakaria 18/08/2012 Festive treat for patients (The Star)
8 Health & Diet for the Public 24/07/2012 Managing Illness when Fasting (NST)
9 NKF Malaysia Patient Incentive Fund 31/07/2012 Easing burdens of kidney patients (NST)
29/07/2012 Sinar Pesakit Buah Pinggang (Utusan)
16/07/2012 Battling kidney failure with pride (Free Malaysia Today Online)
10 Dialysis Centres Standards 16/07/2012 Dialysis centres standards vital (The Sun)
11 2nd Unit of NKF-Sunway LifeCheck Mobile Health Screening 24/07/2012 Health Screening on Wheels (NST)
22/07/2012 Sunway Group & NKF Malaysia Launches Mobile Health Screening (Sin Chew Daily)
13/07/2012 Helping hand for Charity (The Star)
12/07/2012 The nation’s 2nd Mobile Health Screening Bus (Nanyang Siang Pau)
11/07/2012 NKF Tawar Pemeriksaan Buah Pinggang (Utusan)
12 NKF – Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah LifeCheck Launch 09/07/2012 NKF LifeCheck Mobile Health Screening available in northern Malaysia (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
13 ‘Fitness for Charity’ by Celebrity Fitness 10/07/2012 Sweating it out (The Star)
May/ June 2012 issue Kidney Health Focus (OH! Only Health Magazine)
01/06/2012 Sweat it out for Charity (The Star)
14 Cantonese Opera Show a fundraising project for NKF 02/05/2012 SunSing Dramatic Society 40th Charity Dinner & Show for NKF (Nanyang Siang Pau)
03/05/2012 SunSing Dramatic Society 40th Charity Dinner & Show for NKF (China Press)
15 10 Dialysis Machines from Berjaya Cares Foundation 18/05/2012 NKF gets 10 new dialysis machines (The Star)
18/05/2012 10 Dialysis Machines for NKF (NST)
17/05/2012 10 Dialysis Machines from Berjaya Cares Foundation (Nanyang Siang Pau)
17/05/2012 NKF Receives 10 New Dialysis Machines from Berjaya Cares Foundation (Guang Ming Daily)
17/05/2012 NKF Receives 10 New Dialysis Machines from Berjaya Cares Foundation (Sin Chew Daily)
16 Feature articles – National Kidney Foundation Of Malaysia 12/06/2012 Kidney care – “Stop the Silent Killer” (Special pull-out edition) – (NST)
26/04/2012 Kongsi Derita (Special pull-out edition) – (Berita Harian)
14/04/2012 More dialysis centres are needed! (Oriental Daily)
17 NKF LifeCheck Mobile Health Screening 25/04/2012 Promoting Good Health (The Star)
18 ALC Students Charity Fundraising Initiative 28/04/2012 ALC Students raised RM10k for NKF patients and Sin Chew charity fund (Sin Chew Daily)
19 The Store Charity Donation Drive 16/04/2012 BCWA ( and NKF) gets support from The Store (China Press)
07/04/2012 BCWA gets RM10k funds from The Store, Charity Campaign for NKF Launched (Oriental Daily)
04/04/2012 BCWA ( and NKF) gets support from The Store (NST)
20 Love Alive Charity Consert (LACC) 2 for NKF 16/04/2012 LACC kumpul dana untuk NKF (Utusan Melayu)
03/04/2012 RM30k raised from LACC 2 at USM, Penang (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
21 World Kidney Day 2012 29/03/2012 Worthwhile pledge (The Star)
23/03/2012 Road Show (NST)
Driving home the message for public’s organ donation (NST)
20/03/2012 NKF Sambut Hari Buah Pinggang Sedunia (Berita Harian)
Konvoi VBCC edar risalah manfaat derma organ (Berita Harian)
16/03/2012 Kempen Derma Organ (Harian Metro)
12/03/2012 World Kidney Day Awareness Convoy at 3 Locations (Guang Ming Daily)
Kidney Care & Organ Donation Awareness through WKD Convoy (Sin Chew Daily)
05/03/2012 Running for Life (The Sun)
More than 15,000 still waiting for kidneys (The Star)
Over 15,000 in limbo for want of organ donors (NST)
Liow urge public to pledge as organ donors (Sin Chew Daily)
Kerajaan, NGO komited tingkat khidmat dialisis (Berita Harian)
Only 0.66% organ donors pledged (Guang Ming Daily)
Only 0.66% organ donors pledged (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
22 Love Alive Charity Concert (LACC) 2 for NKF 22/03/2012 Konsert bantu pesakit buah pinggang (Kosmo)
14/03/2012 Love Alive Charity Concert at USM Penang (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
Adwave bantu pesakit buah pinggang (Kosmo)
23 UTAR 10th Anniversary Charity Run for NKF 05/03/2012 UTAR Charity Carnival raised 50k in aid of NKF (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
04/03/2012 UTAR Run in aid of NKF (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
02/03/2012 UTAR PR Campaigns to Raise Funds for Kidney Patients (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
24 7-Eleven “Spare A Change, Save A Life” Campaign 02/02/2012 7-Eleven Helped Raise RM26K for NKF (Sin Chew Daily)
03/02/2012 Charity Boost for NKF Patients (NST)
25 Sin Chew Daily Interviews NKF’s CEO 25/01/2012 Health Science Should Be Part of School Syllabus, Every Individual Plays Crucial Role in Controlling Kidney Disease (Sin Chew Daily)
26 CNY Cheer to Patients at Nanyang-NKF Dialysis Centre 30/01/2012 Kidney Patients Get Pleasant Surprise from MP (The Star)
28/01/2012 MP Lim Lip Eng Calls for Organ Donations (China Press)
20/01/2012 Calling for Organ Donation (Guang Ming Daily)
Online Organ Donation Pledge to Help Those in Need (Nanyang Siang Pau)
27 CNY Cheer to patients at PingRong-NKF 01/02/2012 Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun Giveaway Ang Pows to 70 NKF Patients (Nanyang Siang Pau)
17/01/2012 Dialysis patients get red packets, oranges (New Straits Times)
16/01/2012 Sara 1 Malaysia Project Helps Those in Need says Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun (Nanyang Siang Pau)
12/01/2012 Magnum Gives CNY Ang Pows (Sin Chew Daily)
28 Free medical check-up for Setapak residents 07/01/2012 Healthy Community Service (The Star)