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In the global marketplace, people from different countries with different backgrounds often work side by side physically and/or electronically. Effective communication in the workplace is essential for businesses to thrive. However, for many, just learning English is not enough. Many English learners have a growing need for workplace English. This course will advance participants’ basic understanding of company specific procedures and improve their English in the workplace with co-workers, managers and supervisors.

Who Should Attend
Executives, supervisors, assistant managers and team leaders

Date, Time & Venue:
4 & 5 November 2019 (Monday & Tuesday)
9.00 am – 5.00 pm
National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia Training Centre,
C23-03, Block C, 3-Two Square,
No. 2, Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Learning Objectives
By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:
(a) Perform basic oral communication skills;
(b) Provide directions and company information;
(c) Strengthen skills and confidence in the workforce;
(d) Write workplace messages using appropriate English language convention;
(e) Communicate more effectively with co-workers and clients; and
(f) Enhance efficiency and customer service.
(g) Conflict Management

(a) Content-based materials lecture;
(b) Audio/visual aids;
(c) Practical activities;
(d) Discussion;
(e) Role-plays and presentations;
(f) Featuring simulated meetings; and
(g) Negotiations and case-studies.

Course Outline
Unit 1: Business Writing Principles, Strategies and Applications
• Clear purpose
• Clarity and conciseness
• Awareness of audience
• Appropriate tone
• Attention to form

Unit 2: Effective Workplace Presentations
• Meetings, face-to-face or conference calls
• Networking functions
• Presenting at conferences
• Speaking at large internal meetings
• Presenting training

Unit 3: Effective Employment Communication
• Slowing down speaking speed
• Fixed or set phrases
• Learning sentences, not only word
• Learning to listen
• Practicing your interrogatives

Unit 4: Pronunciation Improvement
• Learning and becoming aware
• Phonetics and socio-cultural factors
• Contemporary English sound system
• Standard British and General American
• Repetitive practice and self-correction

Unit 5: People Skills
• Verbal communication
• Non-verbal communication
• Listening skills
• Problem solving and decision making
• Assertiveness
• Conflict Management

Unit 6: Placing the Calls
• Multi-word verbs
• Level of formality
• Telephone etiquettes
• Answering and responding

Trainer Profile
Nasyeela Dzulkifli is a HRDF’s certified trainer, graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with a Bachelor Degree of Human Sciences in English Language and Literature (Honours), minoring in Islamic Studies and Sociology. Among other qualifications are:

• Certification in Business English Communication (University of Washington)
• Certification in Teaching English with Storytelling (University of Virginia)
• Certification in Teaching Online: Mindset & Strategies for Instructor Success (University of Columbia)
• Diploma in Educational Psychology (University of Virginia)

Growing up in the United States and having her full elementary education there during her critical acquisition stage has helped her develop excellent English communication skills as well as becoming fluent and proficient in the language throughout her career development.

Upon her graduation, Nasyeela started her teaching career at PTPL, where she became an English language lecturer. Later she taught at International Islamic College (IIC), and from there she continued to lecture at International Education Centre UiTM (INTEC) and MAHSA University.

Nasyeela is a member of the Malaysian Voice Guild, and as a talent does voiceover recordings for E-Learning productions, coursewares and explainer videos for high profile companies such as PETRONAS, TUDM, MARA, NIOSH and others. She is also involved in jingles, documentaries, narrations and voice acting. With these experience, skills and expertise, she creates programmes to help individuals and professionals develop speaking skills with proper pronunciation and good voice projection. These programmes are:

• Let’s Say It Right
• Present like a Pro
• Let’s Talk and Write Professionally
• Power up Your Communication
• Workplace English
• Effective Business Writing Skills
• Employability Skills

Programmes such as these and many are targeted for professionals and individuals who strive to improve their English speaking and presentation skills in the professional arena. Nasyeela revels in imparting the knowledge and awareness on the importance of the English language to those who wish to develop their proficiency further for both social and career enhancement.

Dubbed as fun, easy-going, passionate and highly qualified to those who trained under her, Nasyeela’s aim and belief is that everyone deserves the right motivation and drive to be fluent and proficient in the language, able to project with confidence and create a positive and dynamic impression on others as well as themselves.

To register, please fill up the registration form and then email to us OR fax it to 03-7960 2359

Certificate of completion will be awarded for those who complete the course.

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