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As a charitable, non-profit organisation, we welcome any volunteer to join us and provide support for the various activities carried out by NKF under public education, fundraising and welfare. Come and make a difference in our battle against kidney disease and save lives!

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    By submitting this form, I agree to the terms & conditions.

    1. I consent to undertake the services entirely at my own risk, and agree not to be eligible for compensation or any NKF benefits. I shall act in the best interest of NKF with no vested or personal interest of third parties.
    2. I understand the services rendered may involve risk of injury and illness but any rights to bring any legal action against National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia are waived as the services are voluntary in nature and involve no monetary reward.
    3. I will abide by the NKF policies and procedures and external regulations that govern their actions, including but not limited to those relating to ethical behaviour, safety, confidentiality, protected health information and financial responsibility.
    4. At all times, I cannot act as an employee or servant of National Kidney Foundation or enter into any agreement(s) which bind the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia or any of its servants.
    5. Any photographs or any materials collected during the course of my work as a volunteer are the property of the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia and may not be released/used by myself or any of my agents without prior notification and permission from the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia in writing.
    6. The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia reserves the right to terminate my services with or without notice.