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No. Activity Date Title
1 Health Screening for Orang Asli 22/12/2015 Health Screening for Orang Asli (New Straits Times)
2 Nephrology Pioneer Award Winner 15/12/2015 Nephrology pioneer award winner (New Straits Times)
3 Slide the City 11/12/2015 Sliding down a highway (The Star)
10/12/2015 Sliding down a highway (The Star)
4 Ambassador of NKF 29/12/2015 Youth ambassadors (New Straits Times)
20/11/2015 Shawn Lee become the ambassador of NKF (Sin Chew Daily)
5 Organ Donation Campaign 22/11/2015 A lonely battle (The Star)
15/11/2015 19,498 tunggu organ (Harian Metro)
31/10/2015 More than 19,000 patients waiting for kidney transplant (New Straits Times)
30/10/2015 Working to save lives together (The Star)
21/10/2015 National kidney foundation setup organ donation promotion unit in shopping mall (China Press)
21/10/2015 National kidney foundation setup organ donation promotion unit in shopping mall (China Press)
21/10/2015 Only 1 percent population to register for organ donation (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
21/10/2015 Will promote organ donation in the shopping mall (Sin Chew Daily)
20/10/2015 Organ Donation Campaign(New Straits Times)
17/10/2015 Transplant units for govt hospitals (The Star)
6 30 Days to Happy Kidneys Campaign 24/11/2015 Diabetes awareness programmes (New Straits Times)
24/11/2015 Spreading the message on diabetes (The Star)
22/11/2015 5,000 gagal buah pinggang saban tahun (Harian Metro)
22/11/2015 Diabetes ganggu metabolisme (Harian Metro)
05/11/2015 30 Days to happy kidneys (China Press)
03/11/2015 30 Days to happy kidneys (New Straits Times)
25/10/2015 Tak sayang Buah Pinggang (Harian Metro)
23/10/2015 TAKE THE CHALLENGE (The Star)
23/10/2015 Kempen kesedaran jaga buah pinggang (Berita Harian)
19/10/2015 For healthy kidney (The Star)
13/10/2015 5000 kes baharu penyakit buah pinggang setiap tahun (Kosmo)
7 Maybank New Apps for Charity 17/09/2015 Snapping for charity (The Star)
15/09/2015 Maybank eyes more online transactions (New Straits Times)
8 Charity 02/12/2015 Christmas Bazaar (The Star)
30/11/2015 Xmas charity bazaar (The Star)
08/11/2015 NKF receives much needed dialysis machine from Star Foundation (The Star)
02/10/2015 Star forks out RM355k (The Star)
11/09/2015 Toasting 30 years of hard work (The Star)
9 NKF National Seminar 05/09/2015 Hindari serangan buah pinggang (Berita Harian)
04/09/2015 Usaha sedia subsidi kos rawatan dialisis (Utusan Malaysia)
03/09/2015 Coming Events (The Malaysian Reserve)
03/09/2015 Coming Events (The Malaysian Reserve)
02/09/2015 Coming Events (The Malaysian Reserve)
10 Mooncake Delights 2015 01/09/2015 FUNDRAISING EVENT (The Star)
27/08/2015 NKF cooperate with KLT to launch low sugar healthy mooncake (China Press)
11 Fundraising Activities 07/09/2015 HELP PATIENTS (The Star)
24/08/2015 Fundrising event (The Star)
24/08/2015 Association to hold 10th charity golf tournament (The Star)
12 NKF Social Media Launch for National Organ Donation 10/07/2015 20,000 patients nationwide waiting for organ transplants (The Edge Financial Daily)
09/07/2015 20,000 pesakit tunggu organ (Sinar Harian)
09/07/2015 About 20,000 people need kidney transplant surgery (Nanyang Siang Pau)
09/07/2015 20,000 tunggu penderma organ (Harian Metro)
09/07/2015 19474 pesakit tunggu buah pinggang (Kosmo)
09/07/2015 20,000 pesakit tunggu pelbagai jenis organ (Berita Harian)
13 Aerodance – UiTM 29/05/2015 ‘Enjoy’ Tarian Sambil Beramal (Harian Metro)
05/05/2015 Aerodance (The Malay Mail)
01/05/2015 Berhibur sambil berbakti (Harian Metro)
14 Others NKF News 30/11/2015 Cegah Penyakit Mahal (Harian Metro)
21/10/2015 Doctors in private hospitals not consulted ,says NKF (The Star)
31/07/2015 Periksa buah pinggang secara percuma (Harian Metro)
02/07/2015 Larian Amal Spektra warnai UM (Berita Harian)
25/06/2015 NKF health day (The Star)
21/06/2015 Running to show their colours (The Star)
10/06/2015 Permainan video platform saluran ilmu (Kosmo)
26/05/2015 Competent in dialysis treatment (New Straits Times)
26/05/2015 Running for a good cause (The Sun)
23/05/2015 Collectors celebrate 100 years of Coca-Cola (The Malay Mail)
17/05/2015 Yuran lebih rendah bagi rawatan dialisis (Utusan Malaysia)
13/05/2015 Larian Specktra Warnai Universiti Malaya (Sinar Harian)
11/05/2015 NKF bantu pesakit ginjal (Harian Metro)
10/05/2015 Bantu pesakit buah pinggang (Harian Metro)
09/05/2015 Foundation introduces cheaper dialysis (The Malay Mail)
08/05/2015 NKF organised health checking for free (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
05/05/2015 NKF organise check body for free activity (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
23/04/2015 Jururawat tamat kursus latihan haemodialisis (Kosmo)
23/04/2015 Hope kidney patients reduce (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
14/04/2015 RM21,500 raised for kidney foundation (New Straits Times)
14/03/2015 Charity carnival (The Malay Mail)
13/02/2015 Charity concert (The Star)
05/02/2015 Gift of giving (The Star)
05/01/2015 Coin boxes a hit at charity auction (The Malay Mail)
15 Dialysis Machine Donation 15/02/2015 Donated 5 dialysis machine to National Kidney Foundation (China Press)
12/02/2015 Want to raise money to buy a kidney dialysis machine for the national kidney foundation (Sin Chew Daily)
16 NKF – World Kidney Day Celebration 2015 28/04/2015 Dance for kidney health (New Straits Times)
07/04/2015 Dance for health (New Straits Times)
06/04/2015 Dancing for better kidney health (The Malay Mail)
05/04/2015 World kidney day 2015 celebrations (The Star)
30/03/2015 Finale to World Kidney Day event (The Sun)
19/03/2015 Perodua bantu Yayasan Buah Pinggang (Sinar Harian)
17/03/2015 Dance Marathon (New Straits Times)
16/03/2015 Perodua donate Axia to NKF (China Press)
10/03/2015 Organise by NKF and Celebrity Fitness (Nanyang Siang Pau)
10/03/2015 Win at NKF Roadshow (New Straits Times)
06/03/2015 Perodua bantu kumpul dana NKF (Berita Harian)
05/03/2015 World Kidney Day Dance (The Star)
05/03/2015 World Kidney Day Dance Marathon 2015 (China Press)
03/03/2015 Perodua sumbang seunit kepada NFK (Sinar Harian)
01/03/2015 Perodua and NKF held fundraising activity (Nanyang Siang Pau)
27/02/2015 Kempen lindungi buah pinggang (Kosmo)
26/02/2015 World Kidney Day Spot Ride Charity campaign (The Star)
19/02/2015 World Kidney Day 2015 Charity Campaign (The Star)
17/02/2015 WORLD KIDNEY DAY 2015 (The Malay Mail)
17/02/2015 World kidney day (New Straits Times)
12/02/2015 Win prizes in World Kidney Day roadshows (The Star)
11/02/2015 World Kidney Day (The Star)
17 World Kidney Day Walkathon 2015 at Penang 09/03/2015 Kidney cases on the rise (The Malay Mail)
09/03/2015 Poor peoples more easy to get diseased (Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
09/03/2015 Pesakit baru tahu hidap penyakit kronik selepas 10 tahun (Kosmo)
09/03/2015 Sasar buka lima lagi pusat hemodialisis (Harian Metro)
09/03/2015 Training over 10000 volunteers to check blood pressure and blood sugar (Guang Ming Daily)
09/03/2015 Nephrotic increase two times in eight years (China Press)